Oregon ocean breeze jasper pendants

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These pendants all feature larger, round Oregon ocean breeze jasper rocks - a stone with a base of darkest grey or black, and patterns of golden mustard yellow and patches of metallic shimmery grey in.

Pendant 1 is around 3 cm wide, a simple and elegant version, set in a hand made, fine silver encasing with a large circle on the back, creating a crescent shape back.
Pendant 2 also has a 3 cm wide rock, but is heavier and has a double layer, fine silver background, and a cast succulent bud on the side.
Pendant 3 is a statement like piece with a 4 cm wide (that's big!) rock and the silhouette of a raven cut out on its back.

Each rock is cut and polished by my local lapidarian friends, and are set and finished entirely by hand, by me in my studio on the forest edge. 

Please note that there is an option to add a 925 Sterling silver chain to the pendants. Each chain is lightly oxidised to match the pendant, and has a sweet, handmade little clasp. For these larger pendants, I recommend the 70 cm long chain. You find them HERE.

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