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In an attempt to see time - change time, save time, create time, have time - the Kronos pendant came to be. 10 circles in different sizes and various positions make up this flowing piece which can be worn in numerous way, appearing to be many things. A smaller, concentrated pendant or a large, statement like one. Hanging heavily from one single link or dancing freely while connected to the chain in several links at once.

Traditional chainmaille techniques, where metal links historically were woven together to create an effective armour against slashing weapons, where the starting point for this piece. The links can be moved around and are kept in place by each other. The two largest links are hammered with four and eight cuts respectively, a nod to the passing seasons of the year or the eight phases of the moon. A meditation on how the nights can be long but the years short; on how it seems as if time is moving faster with each lived year.

Kronos has nine links of Argentium silver and one link in 18 ct recycled gold.

Chain sold separately and can be found here.

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