Järtecken - the golden ones

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The golden Järtecken pendants consist of a water cast golden shape made from various alloys of recycled gold, attached to a textured and organic silver frame. There are two silver circles to pull a chain through, and the pendants will hang a little off center for an extra asymmetrical touch, depending on the weight of the gold and which side the golden shape is attached. Please note that chains are sold separately and can be found here.

The gold piece is cast in water and various items found in the forest outside my studio - melted metal is poured over twigs and branches, leaves and lichen to form completely original, irregular and uncontrollable shapes.

These pendants measure around 3.5-4.5 cm in height and are best worn on a long chain, like Stitch, because of the weight and three dimensional shape. The shade of the gold shape may vary depending on which alloys used in them.

All items are hand made from 100 % recycled Argentium silver and recycled gold in my forest studio. One of the silver rings are stamped with my maker’s mark LHL and 925.

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