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For a long time, I’ve had the idea about a Heron shaped piece. The heron is a beautiful bird often seen standing solitary in shallow water. The Heron is associated with the goddess Frigg of the Norse mythology, who knew everything about everyone - even Odin’s innermost thoughts - but never spoke of her insights. She wore a crown of Heron feathers as a symbol of her silence. This year, I’ve seen both the Grey heron and the White egret in the lakes around my home, and finally the idea, one that for so long was little more than a vague concept, took physical shape.

The Heron bracelet is a versatile piece in two parts. The pendant part is made up of two Heron shapes connected by a small circle. A reflection in still water - or a partner to mirror oneself. The chain part is removable and attaches through two small rings that slide on the open “beak” of the herons. Each part can be used in other constellations - the pendant can be worn as a necklace on a Stitch chain, and the chain can be used to extend the length of a necklace by fastening the lobster clasps of Stitch or Stride into the circles. The size listed is the total length of the bracelet, including both the pendant and the chain.

Heron is restocked regularly but is also available on a Made to order-basis to make sure the size is what you need. The ready to ship ones will have a “Ready to ship” after the size, while the ones that need to be made will have a “Made to order” after. Please allow 2 working weeks for your Made to order size to ship.

Heron is hand made by me in my forest studio. The Herons and circles are made from 100 % recycled Argentium silver and the chain part is Sterling silver - the same kind used in the Elk market metal necklaces, containing no nickel.

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