Dendritic agate necklace

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These Dendritic agate necklaces are little wearable pieces of the Earth itself, each stone carefully cut and set in a silver casing. The Dendritic agate looks blue-white-grey on a surface, with dark brown and black patterns. When held up to the light, whole little landscapes within them are revealed, and shifts colour to a brown or even reddish hue among the blues and greys. These spots or flecks are the "dendrites", traces of iron oxide or manganese that were deposited by water within the agate as it formed deep in the earth over the course of millions of years. They were purchased and cut by my awesome local lapidarian friends, as per usual, and comes on a 45 cm chain with my signature hand made Heron clasp. Each necklace has a cutout back to let as much light as possible through, to show off the beautiful and eerie imagery within. 

These necklaces are made using a combination of fine silver, Sterling silver and Argentium silver. They are hand made by me in my forest studio and contain no nickel or heavy metals. Each pendant is stamped with my maker's mark LHL and a 925 silver stamp.

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